Installing KCWI_DRP

This document describes how to install KCWI_DRP, for both users and developers.

Installing Dependencies

We highly recommend that you use Anaconda for the majority of these installations.

Detailed installation instructions are presented below:

Installing with environment.yml

An environment.yml file is provided here which contains the majority of the required dependencies. To create the conda environment, download the environment file and run

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate kcwidrp
pip install kcwidrp

This creates an environment called kcwidrp that contains most of the required dependencies.

Installing Manually

This pipeline currently runs on python 3.7. Instructions for installing the other dependencies are below:

conda install bokeh
conda install -c conda-forge selenium geckodriver firefox phantomjs
conda install -c astropy ccdproc pyregion
conda install psutil
conda install requests
conda install pytest
conda install cython
conda install pandas
pip install ref_index
pip install keckdrpframework
pip install kcwidrp

Installing for Development

If you want to alter the pipeline, you can install it directly from source by skipping pip install kcwidrp during the requirements section above, and instead running:

git clone
python develop