Data Products

The following is an overview of the data products created by the pipeline.

Data Products
File Extension Units Note
int e-/px reduced output intensity
intd e-/px dark current/scattered light removed
wavemap A wavelength value at pixel
slicemap 0-23 slice number at pixel
posmap 0-140 slice position (px) at pixel
intf e-/px instrumental variations removed
intk e-/px sky subtracted
obj e-/px un-sky subtracted image
sky e-/px sky model image
icube e-/px geometry corrected data cube
icubed e-/px DAR corrected data cube
icubew e-/px Wavelength corrected data cube
icubes flux/px Std star calibrated data cube

More detail can be found at this file, which describes the products from the old IDL pipeline.