Known Issues

This page contains a list of known issues related to the pipeline that are not currently being worked on. Only issues which cannot be fixed with a new release will be added to this list. Wherever possible, a link to relevent GitHub issues will be provided.

Firefox/geckodriver cannot be found

Error message:

RuntimeError: Neither firefox and geckodriver nor a variant of chromium browser and chromedriver are available on system PATH. You can install the former with 'conda install -c conda-forge firefox geckodriver'.

This issue has been submitted by a small number of users. This error is thrown by our plotting library, bokeh, when it can’t automatically find the path to a driver needed to generate plots. The following describes a one-off workaround.

These instructions assume you are using conda to manage your environment.

  1. If you installed the pipeline with pip, uninstall with pip uninstall kcwidrp

  2. Install the pipeline following the Installing for Development instructions on the Installing KCWI_DRP page.

  3. Open KCWI_DRP/kcwidrp/core/ in a text editor

  4. Add the following import at the top of the file:

    from selenium import webdriver
  5. Find your firefox installation by executing which firefox from the command line. Make note of the output. It should look something like /PATH/TO/CONDA/envs/kcwidrp/bin/firefox

  6. Replace the function save_plot with the following:

    def save_plot(fig, filename=None):
        if filename is None:
            fnam = os.path.join('plots', 'kcwi_drp_plot.png')
            fnam = os.path.join('plots', filename)
        options = webdriver.FirefoxOptions()
        driver = webdriver.Firefox(firefox_binary="[YOUR/PATH/HERE]",
        export_png(fig, filename=fnam, webdriver=driver)
        driver.close()">>> Saving to %s" % fnam)

    where [YOUR/PATH/HERE] is replaced by the path found in the previous step

  7. Navigate to the KCWI_DRP directory, and run:

    python install