If you find a problem with the pipeline, or need support with installing or running it, please check the Known Issues page. If you cannot find a solution to your problem, submit an issue on GitHub. This not only ensures that we see your request, but also allows our users to review previous solutions to issues they might be having. Wherever possible, please make sure to include:

  • Logs and system messages
  • Information on the files being processed (date of observation, filenames, frame types, etc)
  • Any steps needed to replicate the issue

We discourage direct email interaction with Staff Astronmers or with the KCWI team.

What can you expect?

For issues submitted during business hours, we will try to acknowledge your request within 24 hours. Your request will be evaluated and redirected to the relevant staff. Our resources might not always be sufficient to provide immediate resolution, but we will work with you to help as much as possible.