Source code for kcwidrp.primitives.MakeMasterDark

from keckdrpframework.primitives.base_img import BaseImg
from kcwidrp.primitives.kcwi_file_primitives import kcwi_fits_reader, \
    kcwi_fits_writer, strip_fname, get_master_name

import os
import ccdproc

[docs]class MakeMasterDark(BaseImg): """Stack dark frames into master dark""" def __init__(self, action, context): BaseImg.__init__(self, action, context) self.logger = context.pipeline_logger def _pre_condition(self): """ Checks if we can build a stacked frame based on the processing table :return: """ # get list of dark frames"Checking precondition for stack_darks") self.combine_list = self.context.proctab.n_proctab( frame=self.action.args.ccddata, target_type='DARK', target_group=self.action.args.groupid)"pre condition got {len(self.combine_list)}," f" expecting {self.action.args.min_files}") # do we meet the criterion? if len(self.combine_list) >= self.action.args.min_files: return True else: return False def _perform(self): """ Returns an Argument() with the parameters that depends on this operation """ args = self.action.args method = 'average' suffix = args.new_type.lower() combine_list = list(self.combine_list['filename']) # get master dark output name mdname = strip_fname(combine_list[0]) + '_' + suffix + '.fits' stack = [] stackf = [] for dark in combine_list: # get dark intensity (int) image file name in redux directory stackf.append(dark.split('.fits')[0] + '_int.fits') darkfn = os.path.join(args.in_directory, stackf[-1]) # using [0] gets just the image data stack.append(kcwi_fits_reader(darkfn)[0]) stacked = ccdproc.combine(stack, method=method, sigma_clip=True, sigma_clip_low_thresh=None, sigma_clip_high_thresh=2.0) stacked.unit = stack[0].unit stacked.header.IMTYPE = args.new_type stacked.header['NSTACK'] = (len(combine_list), 'number of images stacked') stacked.header['STCKMETH'] = (method, 'method used for stacking') for ii, fname in enumerate(stackf): stacked.header['STACKF%d' % (ii + 1)] = (fname, "stack input file") log_string = MakeMasterDark.__module__ stacked.header['HISTORY'] = log_string kcwi_fits_writer(stacked, output_file=mdname, output_dir=self.config.instrument.output_directory) self.context.proctab.update_proctab(frame=stacked, suffix=suffix, newtype=args.new_type, self.context.proctab.write_proctab() return self.action.args
# END: class StackDarks()