Source code for kcwidrp.primitives.CubeImage

from keckdrpframework.primitives.base_primitive import BasePrimitive
from kcwidrp.primitives.kcwi_file_primitives import kcwi_fits_writer

import numpy as np
from astropy.nddata import CCDData

[docs]class CubeImage(BasePrimitive): """Transform 2D images to 3D data cubes""" def __init__(self, action, context): BasePrimitive.__init__(self, action, context) self.logger = context.pipeline_logger def _pre_condition(self): """Checks if we have a cube to convert""""Checking precondition for CubeImage") sz = if len(sz) == 3: if sz[2] == 24:"CubeImage precondition met.") self.action.args.cube_size = sz return True else: self.logger.warning("Mal-formed cube!") return False else: self.logger.warning("Not a 3D data cube!") return False def _perform(self):"Creating 2D image from 3D cube") log_string = CubeImage.__module__ # get wavelength ranges wall0 = self.action.args.ccddata.header['WAVALL0'] wall1 = self.action.args.ccddata.header['WAVALL1'] w0 = self.action.args.ccddata.header['CRVAL3'] dw = self.action.args.ccddata.header['CD3_3'] crpixw = self.action.args.ccddata.header['CRPIX3'] y0 = int((wall0 - w0) / dw) if y0 < 0: y0 = 0 out_w0 = y0 * dw + w0 y1 = int((wall1 - w0) / dw) if y1 > self.action.args.cube_size[0]: y1 = self.action.args.cube_size[0] out_y = y1 - y0 # create output image cub_x = self.action.args.cube_size[1] out_x = int(24 * cub_x) out_img = np.zeros((out_y, out_x), dtype=np.float) # set spatial scale s0 = 0. ds = 24.0 / out_x crpixs = 1."cube dims: y, x, z: %d, %d, %d" % self.action.args.cube_size)"y0, y1 = %d, %d: out_x, out_y = %d, %d" % (y0, y1, out_x, out_y)) # loop over slices for isl in range(24): x0 = isl * cub_x x1 = (isl + 1) * cub_x out_img[:, x0:x1] =[y0:y1, :, isl] # output CCDData structure out_ccd = CCDData(out_img, meta=self.action.args.ccddata.header, unit=self.action.args.ccddata.unit) # update header out_ccd.header['HISTORY'] = log_string del out_ccd.header['RADESYS'] del out_ccd.header['LONPOLE'] del out_ccd.header['LATPOLE'] del out_ccd.header['CTYPE1'] del out_ccd.header['CTYPE2'] del out_ccd.header['CTYPE3'] del out_ccd.header['CUNIT1'] del out_ccd.header['CUNIT2'] del out_ccd.header['CUNIT3'] del out_ccd.header['CNAME1'] del out_ccd.header['CNAME2'] del out_ccd.header['CNAME3'] del out_ccd.header['CRVAL1'] del out_ccd.header['CRVAL2'] del out_ccd.header['CRVAL3'] del out_ccd.header['CRPIX1'] del out_ccd.header['CRPIX2'] del out_ccd.header['CRPIX3'] del out_ccd.header['CD1_1'] del out_ccd.header['CD1_2'] del out_ccd.header['CD2_1'] del out_ccd.header['CD2_2'] del out_ccd.header['CD3_3'] out_ccd.header['WCSDIM'] = 2 out_ccd.header['CTYPE1'] = ('SPATIAL', 'slice number') out_ccd.header['CUNIT1'] = ('slu', 'slice units') out_ccd.header['CNAME1'] = ('KCWI Slice', 'slice name') out_ccd.header['CRVAL1'] = (s0, 'slice zeropoint') out_ccd.header['CRPIX1'] = (crpixs, 'slice reference pixel') out_ccd.header['CDELT1'] = (ds, 'slice units per pixel') out_ccd.header['CTYPE2'] = ('AWAV', 'Air Wavelengths') out_ccd.header['CUNIT2'] = ('Angstrom', 'Wavelength units') out_ccd.header['CNAME2'] = ('KCWI Wavelength', 'Wavelength name') out_ccd.header['CRVAL2'] = (out_w0, 'Wavelength zeropoint') out_ccd.header['CRPIX2'] = (crpixw, 'Wavelength reference pixel') out_ccd.header['CDELT2'] = (dw, 'Wavelength Angstroms per pixel') # write out image kcwi_fits_writer(out_ccd,, output_dir=self.config.instrument.output_directory, suffix="icube_2d") return self.action.args
# END: class CubeImage()